The hollow Earth

There are many people thinking in ways that are not mainstream and they do not accept the official view. There are a number of subjects where this takes place: sprititualism, government conspiracies, alternative medicine, aliens, economic rip-offs, theory of evolution, hidden agendas of many kinds – there are a lot of ideas in the world.

There are also a lot of things we just plain do not understand fully: climate models, the working of the brain, the enigma of what life is, the financial system, why there must be wars, what causes illnesses like cancer, rheumatism, life in the deep oceans.

Some have to do with our state of knowledge and one day we will understand, others are fixed ideas that never seem to die. And new ones of both kinds keep coming up.

This has to do with the working of the human mind: We are not logical beings, we do not think straight or cleverly enough, we accept some authorities, others not, we are full of emotions, there are special interests, we remember and we forget and there are economic interests as well.

Some of these ideas or controversies are very old and do not seem to let go. We deride most, but they stay in there. The world’s people seem to want to have it this way – it is entertaining. Now and then we must accept that ideas are accepted and new truth is found. In the confusion where we do not know the truth fully authors make good money from their books and films.

The case of the hollow Earth is an outstanding example. We really have no solid proof that the Earth is a compact whole and that the inside is hot and molten. The deepest hole we have drilled is about 12 km and this is much less than 1% of the way to the center.

Once the Earth was flat, but now we know more. Through the ages speculation has led us into concepts like the underworld, subterranean kingdoms, hell and even inhabited worlds. Several shell theories have been put forward and even now some people will not let it be – they claim the world is hollow. Concave hollow Earths have also been proposed.

Scientists – our masters who have shown consistent lack of knowledge of most things in the process of human learning – maintain that gravity and modern understanding of planet formation make it certain that the Earth is hollow with a molten core. A hollow Earth would have much lower gravity. There surely is heat in there, but we do not know for sure how deep it goes – we have never been there, it has not been measured.

Experiments with deep drilling have been proposed, but never realized.

So what is there to say: Speculation will continue – remember also that we have never been there so basically we do not know. One day we surely will know.

In the meantime – surely we should speculate – form hypotheses – test them – so we can say that they are no longer hypotheses. It is also about having a free mind: Do you dare that?

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