The wise people of the world (II)

If we wanted to have wise men/women in the world: What shall be the basis of knowledge for wise people – what is their knowledge and what do they teach? How will they be trained? Can we find common ground?

Many old cultures have their own ways, their own aims and intentions. The new wise men should provide a neutral way forward, help people find their own I or personality. This can obviously be many things – it is for the person herself to decide.

There may be a need to institutionalize this – connect it to an organisation or movement.

People are initially connected to a local community, with local values, local customs, a sense of belonging. This does not mean you can not move to wherever you want, but you must have a basis that is safe, well known, and shared. Developments may take you many places, and hopefully the knowledge you base your existence on is adaptable and broad enough to accommodate you wherever you are.

The knowledge might be structured something like this:

  • Deep ecology of the Earth
  • Understanding and knowing yourself, life choices, life possibilities, learning to stretch the mind, find out about the forces of the mind,  consciousness, life itself
  • Relating to others
  • World history
  • Human societies, ways to live
  • The wisdom of change, the inevitability of change
  • World tour to develop thinking, observe, participate, learn
  • Initiation rite, ceremony

Individuals must have the will to take part in such schemes. There is also the question of do we need this? The simple intention is to establish working on your own inner world, and hopefully that many would like to participate. Harmonious people – harmonious world – a world of consideration, helpfulness, thoughtfulness.

There is room for everybody here if we make it so.

There clearly are a lot of things we do not understand, and we should not call them mysteries, spiritism and “outlaw” them, but try to find out more so we can have a better civilization.

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