The wise people of the world (I)

There are hardly any wise people in the world anymore. The few there are have to be quiet about it. The spiritual leadership of making people understand themselves, repair themselves are gone – there are no wise men/women here. Spiritual practice and practices of the mind are not accepted, we must use the people with scientific learning – the medical doctors and the psychologists and maybe priests – if we need care.

The Greeks for some time had priests with a double role of medic and spiritual healers helping people find reality, many religions have priests claiming to help people through adversity, indigenous people had and have shamans with healing powers, problem solving and fortunetelling abilities. The Chinese had sages helping people, teaching good values, about change and life challenges, the Tibetan buddhists have powerful mental rites, muslims had sufis, psychoanalytics are helping sick people in the West. American Indians were in close contact with nature and the powers of the mind. Meditation, yoga are carefully practiced – just don’t be too loud about it.

So we see a method that once was used and now has largely disappeared – we have scared people away from inner work and spirituality because it is not scientific. We have split work on man into specific areas, treating one at a time – a man is not whole anymore. The old techniques  has been taken away and has been replaced by nothing – there is a void.

This is not good for us.

There are many reasons the world is like this, but it is about time we change it, reinstating work with our mind and feelings into the wholeness where it belongs. The old techniques should be reinstated and developed further with the knowledge we have today. The question of religion is not part of it – it is about finding out how man can integrate body, mind and emotion and understand himself , become harmonious and find a way to move that he is satisfied with.

There are many techniques: self-observation, meditation, tai chi, yoga, contemplation, relaxation, mindfullness, massage, physical exercise, conscious thinking about your life, methods of change, I Ching, soulcraft, the work of Gurdjieff, deep ecology thinking …..

The wise men and women of the world should know many of these techniques, and integrate and develop them so that they can assist in inner self-willed development – help find a way to exist with deep satisfaction.

This approach is rather broad and aims to be neutral, having to do with individuals only. It is not easy to start a movement in this direction – to help people become whole and harmonious in a wide sense.

The first part of it is that many people realize that inner work is needed. It is really first of all about what you – each one of us – have the will to do.

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