Forget the world government

A world government is a topic of discussion coming up now and then. Some say the UN should be strengthened and given more force, many international organizations should be more powerful – so that we can get things done. Many powerful people and nations and businesses often claim that the world would be more efficient in this way – with concentrations of power. The US wants to be the world police based on US ideas.

We should be wary of this. It is not  a good idea to have somebody outside your own community, area or country decide for you what is to be done. You may find that there are undue processes taking place, you do not agree, that you do not want to take part, there is no traceability of decisions, that there are external forces being put upon you. Also when you see how decisions are being made – by politicking, lobbying, corruption, business interests, faulty information and else – there is no need to rush into this. You can easily feel that “world” or “global” decisions are being forced upon you.

There is also the question of who should decide what themes to introduce for world decisions: climate change, business practices, health questions, ethics …. Why is it so important for some to instruct others about what to do?

The world is very complex: who we are, where we live, what we do, what we think are all hugely different and should continue to be so. Diversity is great.

The improvements we need should be undertaken by everybody themselves – initiated by locals themselves, developed by the locals, run by the locals. What constitutes progress should also be left to the locals to decide – nobody needs external ideas that will change indigenous life.

There is now a strong world force being built and it is not pretty: economic/money concentrations are being built, wars are needed it seems and are continually going on, the financial system keeps crashing for reasons nobody understands, big business is expanding, governments are centralizing and becoming big businesses too, power bases are being built.

It is clearly not the time to talk about centralizing the power of the world. It will hurt us all. It will dehumanize us.

The only way forward is to try to strengthen the individual, enable her to build her own community – area – region by educating her, see to a fair distribution of resources, giving locals a chance in the market, making local production and consumption the basis of everything, reduce the enormous power of external influences. This should not stop us from seeing others, travelling, exchanging ideas – that is beneficial.

Local education is the basis of everything. The only thing we should do is to help that happen.

Having written this and seeing what has to be done one can see that a lot has to be changed – but we are moving in the wrong direction – global forces must be played down – or things will get out of hand.

So where do we start? The world organizations should start by self-analysis: get to know the real state of the world, be humble, show the locals respect, build an understanding that people really matter.

Nobody shall rule the world, we must remove power structures, educate all and let people take care of themselves, creating a diversity of decent, joyful, healthy societies.

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