What is man – you – capable of?

We know there can be more to life than making a living by going to work every day – year in and year out. In this way we are all sleepwalkers going nowhere – you merely exist. Or maybe there is no work – then you may be miserable also. We all respond to what other people, media, politicians, society at large put forward – we have no will of our own.

The solution to it all is in yourself and it is not easy. You have to take hold of your life through discipline and patience, become concentrated, maybe completely still, so that you can find who you are and what you want. You need will too, you must build concentration, you must have a method.

Full concentration can lead to mastery of yourself – and then you can achieve remarkable results. You see who you are and what you want, and you may be able to do it.

Words like unbroken trance and ecstacy were used, and we may have to get back to these concepts. Your concentration must be unbroken, you must find a constant state of consciousness so that action towards your aims is possible. Sports people use these concepts, but we are afraid of using them when it comes to more important themes like our life.

The outer and inner worlds of your body will now function together, and you become strong and can move where you want to.

This is not easy to grasp – you may be able to approach the real events of life, to find wholeness and understanding of what life is about. It is not about getting a better job, it is about understanding why you are here.

Do we need external powers to help us – a force outside us with a higher conscience than ours to start the process and guide us on the way? Do you need others to assist you in your exertions? In the old days we had wise men and shamans to guide us in the mental world, messengers of powers. We have lived without their help for a long time – maybe a new kind of tutors are needed now – bringers of goodness?

Our modern science has not found what life is – we can not see life and consciousness – it is not solid but it is there – it can be taken away – but we can not start it.

We must try to create a life of movement and live in awareness of our own creative space and powers, stop our machinelike behaviour where we constantly respond only to outside influences, instead decide by ourself what shall happen.

We must strive to find the interior of man, your I, the oneself of man that we can not see. There may also be levels of being above man that we now do not see or fathom. The work most people put into developing this inner dimension is insufficient.

What is your truth – will you find your I and move?

This may sound far-fetched and esoteric to you, but a bit of new thinking – enlarged thinking, metaphysical thinking – is required if you want to move. So therefore first be still – start by working on finding the the “inside” of yourself.

We do not speak in this way about leading our life now, but we surely should start doing that.

Seek references in works by Gurdjieff, Peter Kingsley The Futurethrills Store by Amazon

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