Micro energy catchment: small and useful

There is energy everywhere – you have to transform or convert it into a suitable form for your purposes.

It has been stipulated that the sun-energy hitting the Sahara desert in 6 hours is enough for humanity’s needs for a whole year: There is a big conversion challenge in here – and people are working on it, systems are getting better all the time.

There is another energy world too – collecting the energy from the tiny generators we have everywhere around us and making it useful.

  • Sound contains energy
  • Piezo-electric effects – exerting pressure on crystallic materials – generate currents, e.g. from pressure on floors, gateways…
  • Vibrational energy can be taken out with vibro-generators
  • Optical energy
  • Thermal gradients
  • Small heat-exchangers, heat emissions from varm objects like your body or an oven
  • Water running in pipes
  • Airstreams
  • Metabolic energies of trees or large plants via temperature or humidity sensors
  • Electromagnetic emissions
  • Swinging doors can be fitted with generators
  • Body generators catching your body energy
  • Parasitically harvest surplus energy in many places
  • There surely will be more ……

Micro energy catchment can drive RFIDs, small motors, sensors, mobile phones, appliances where energy requirements are small or intermittent, charge batteries or we can save power-supplies like batteries and have a permanent source of energy instead.

Not big energy savings or emissions reductions, but useful in many ways. And new ideas will come – let us keep up the innovative processes.

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