WikiLeaks – the context

WikiLeaks is publishing documents showing the attitudes, opinions, characterizations of US diplomats all over the world – this information is entering the public domain. It is not nice to see. The US leaders do not like it.

So what is the point of what WikiLeaks is doing? Is it just gossip or does it serve a deeper purpose?

It surely should be seen in a wider context.

Diplomats from all countries send information back home so that information can be collected, action taken, policies developed. This has always been done.

The published memos show an unprecedented degree of power arrogance, deceit, lack of ethical standards, ignorance of local methods and ways. There is spying on friends, turning blind eyes to corruption and abuse. This is disturbing. The worlds only superpower should not be seen to behave like this. Other countries must take countermeasures to protect themselves. Trust is harmed.

The leaks should be seen in a wider context. WikiLeaks influences the power basis of governments.

What should be the standards of the people we employ to do service for us, how much information should be publicly available? Public discussion is part of forming public opinion, thereupon policies and this must be based on true information. Or should there be separate processes above our heads, things we don`t know  about, materializing in policies we do not understand or agree with?

There is more: Lobbying is rife in most countries, more resourceful and purposeful than ever, pressure groups are working hard to promote their interests, political spin is also in there. All this can easily damage good processes, and goes to the roots of democracy itself.

If such processes becomes the norm we will not know a thing about what is going on. So therefore we need  publication of all kinds of information – transparency, correction of negatives, participation. We do not employ people to do what they want, politicians must share information with their voters – they are all representatives.

We must demand ethical standards of high class and to know what is going on – the big picture must be seen – a good future depends on it.

Publish, man, publish!

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