Windpower is killing the eagles

Environmentalists are fighting each other – what is most important: eagles or clean power?

Norwegian sea eagles are being killed in a big windmill installation in Smøla, Norway. Ornithologists have been mapping the situation for 10 years, and have found that 28 eagles have been felled by the mills. Other birds may also be involved. The matter has been brought to the attention of the Bern convention asking them to rule on the situation. The Bern convention has been made to protect wild animals and their habitats, and has been signed by Norway.

The ornithologists claim the windmills must be stopped and moved to another area.

The number of eagles in the Northern area is increasing.

Norway has been working on location planning for windmills for some time, but maybe this one has to be reversed?

The Smøla windmill installation is the biggest onshore installation in Northern Europe with 68 windmills. The adverse consequences were taken up in 1999 after public complaints, and a report was produced.

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