Green business development

Business opportunities are coming up in the green world – innovations towards a sustainable world are presented in increasing numbers.

Examples of green business developments:

  • Energy efficiency, small scale energy production – e.g. biomass on farms, biogas production equipment for local waste, energy production from biogas recovery systems from cow dung and other waste materials on farms
  • Systems and equipment for waste treatment and management
  • Energy distribution, flexibility in energy use
  • Absorption of unwanted substances like chemicals, oils, blood etc. by natural means – peat, wood cuttings
  • Installations and equipment for collecting and storing CO2 subsea
  • New and improved building insulation materials, energy efficiency in buildings
  • Environmental data collection and analysis, ecological facts, carbon footprint calculations
  • Environmental management systems, certification services
  • Teaching environmental techniques to companies enabling them to take part in the new business opportunities
  • Energy production based om the piezoelectric effect utilizing the pressure of cars on the road. Heavy traffic produces lots of current via roadside power-stations. Other applications using movement of cars to produce electricity have also been considered. Electric fields in roads could be used by your (electric) car to pick up charge?
  • energy production from biogas recovery systems from cow dung and other waste materials on farms – a new energy source
  • carbon management software for better accounting of your energy use and emissions

You want a job? Go green – become a scientist, engineer, regulator, whatever the green world needs!

Surely – something is moving nicely along!

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