Communication efficiency – see them and they will know

It is well known that communicating through the written word is not efficient – less than 10 %, so we waste a lot of energy. Body language, pictures, seeing and feeling is much more efficient, may be in the area of 60 % efficient. So what about thinking together, using extrasensory perception and other techniques we do not understand at the moment. Will we ever be able to communicate 100% efficiently – come through with complete meaning? Maybe this is seen as slightly scary?

Now the next phase in communication is coming to us: Video over long distances, creation of virtual spaces, pulling the people together by means of datapower.

Modern machines can transfer pictures, video and speech. By creating virtual reality by means of datapower we can put everybody into the same space so that everybody can see each other clearly, the system will not only connect the people involved, but make sure the environment is common and efficient, noise and disturbances are taken away. The concept of avatar is popping up and the system makes everybody into avatars living in the same environment. The datapower can be instructed to have functionality, making your wishes come “through”.

It will be cloud-based so no datapower or machinery of your own is needed, just the camera and projection equipment. Could you use the DSLR with video for this? But the power in the sky will need graphics, heavy processors, and hefty net capacity is also required.

So who do you want to be efficient with, or where do you want to be? Could this replace travel? Will there be holographic pictures floating in space that you can tape as a file?

So you call people on the video, communicate efficiently – and truthfully – and the videofile is your documentation. Easy?

There is no need to wait – it will all be here soon.

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