The effect of policies

A number of environmental – sustainability – rules have been established through law in Norway: about fish farming, ecological consequence analysis, risk analysis, restrictions on snow-scootering in the wilderness, environmental consequences of forestry, building requirements,…… and more

The consequences of this is now materializing – if you don’t follow the rules, you break the law and the authorities will come after you.

But the process is noisy and full of protest: We are too important to follow the law (fish farming), we are not big enough to follow the law (many private undertakings). But a new regime is now slowly being built, and the consequences of ecological thinking are changes in what we have done up to now: new ways are coming!

We must also respect the enforcerers of the rules – the process of law is fresh in this area – so adjustments may be necessary – but first of all we must let rules bite when we have adopted them.

So will the protesters make us fall back or will we be able to stay the new ecological course? Surely momentum is gathering – the new sustainability is here to stay – and much more will come.

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