Be tough on yourself and have a good life

Researchers are finding out more about how the body works, and now it is about training. To keep your own body dynamic you must engage in tough physical activity.

Hard long slogs are all right, but it seems it is more efficient to engage in high-intensity interval training. You get your fitness into place in a much shorter time by pushing yourself to the limit over a short time, say 20-30 seconds, then resting for several minutes and so on 4-8 times. Even ultra-intense training may be part of the method.

Short-burst training is also less boring, so as the results are the same why not try it. Research is continuing, but care must be taken – do not get up from the couch and right into physical bursting. And remember it hurts – because it must to have effect.

There are other effects to be considered too: The energy you use in your life, the kind of diet you are on, your age and general condition. Intensive training gives you more time to do other things in your life – you may become more efficient.

Aging is strongly related to inactivity, and many researchers say we need physical hardship to live well and long. Good stress it is called. Your genes have lot to say as to what life you will have, but by being intensive you can create your own reality and bypass your own genetic “problems”.

It is becoming clearer all the time – your body must be used, often and most likely daily, and it is probably all right to be very tough with it.

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