Developing environmental practice near you

Theories around environmental energy abound, and all sorts of new technologies are being tested. Often this is done via development grants, state funding, price support, research programs financed by many – the total costs are often very high. To gain future acceptance in the market the cost picture has to become clearer and lower. The practice of the environmental technologies has been lacking – many details must be found out to make a viable system.

And insight and experience are growing.

Electric cars are appearing in many places and charging points are installed in many cities. Special parking spaces are built. Batteries must be able to tackle winter conditions, and tests are proceeding. Pricing, taxes, emission controls and measurement, relations to petrol driven cars, the bureaucracy of electric cars is developing.

Solar photovoltaic installations have great promise, and costs of panels have been going down. New products like thin films are entering the market. But most installations are like prototypes. Plug in possibilities are not there yet, but progress is being made. Risk factors are being found out – e.g. wind, rain etc. Standards, higher volumes, integration, building permits facilitation – all are falling into place so that increasing use is on the way.

In other areas – wind power at sea or on land, geothermals, bioenergy – things are moving ahead.

Testing and finding new ways is what we have done so far – the just-plug-them-in society with reasonable prices are on its way. The process is long and tough, but in the end the viable systems will stand.

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