Know yourself (III)

A large number of people in many western countries lose control of their lives by becoming depressed – often as many as 1 in 6. The result is a mind full of dark negative thoughts and lives that are put on hold or worse.

The treatments offered as coping tools are diverse and individual – talks, activity, mentors, group therapy, medication. We use enormous resources to turn people away from depression. Many people never recover and enter a state of permanent depression, unable to do much, being miserable.

In GB the value of lost labour has been estimated at pounds 100 billion per year.

So why is this happening? Why are our minds filling up with troublesome thinking?

The pressures, the omnipresent threats presented by the media, the resulting anxiety, the information chaos, the difficulties, the unfinished business, the loosening of social norms, the constant changes in personal relationships and in jobs – the sum of it all often becomes too great. If you fall slightly behind or feel you are falling slightly behind the negative feelings start and your mind may wander off in the wrong direction. Depression may be seen as a survival method – a cry for help.

So each individual’s work on mind control must be upgraded – we must focus on what we do, what we think, what happens to us and protect ourselves. You must make a personal choice of seeking to know yourself and act accordingly, and not let the emotions wander off with your mind. You must become aware and see absolutely what happens. You must see yourself in real life in action and the consequences it has. The tool is self-observation.

So therefore observe yourself all the time – see what happens, see what state you are in. If it seems too heavy for you – stop it – protect yourself – withdraw from it all and take your loved ones with you. It requires effort, but you may be well rewarded.

You want to be in control of yourself and to contribute, develop and create. Your emotions are the root cause of it all – observe what they do to you – find out and you may have a solution.

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