The force is with you

Some small animals like lizards can climb walls or hang in the roof. This is due to a vacuum effect called the Casimir effect after the Dutch physicist H.B.G. Casimir (1948). Research into this effect has been stepped up lately.

The Casimir effect is about forces between objects, and it make things stick to each other when distances are very small or objects are extremely close. There is an invisible and unmeasurable force present here.

Nanotech people are interested because this disturbs their products, making nano-particles stick together when they are not supposed to. They are trying to change the forces of attraction into forces of repulsion.

This is said to be a quantum force. The lizard uses it because it can come extremely close to the surfaces it walks on. Their feet are not sticky, they leave no mark, they use a vacuum effect. If you could make your hands have a molecular surface you could perhaps climb on the walls to? What about Casimir gloves?

Now: Since nobody understands this fully, or can measure it well, we must conclude that physics theories are incomplete. Or maybe we should look to biology to understand this effect? Understanding is apparently not there. But it will emerge – we are moving on.

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