Deep geothermal energy into practice

The Earth is full of molten rock at temperatures over 1000 degree Celsius. There is obviously a lot of heat down there if we can find how to harness it. The practical problems are there, although many countries already have accessed the upper regions of the Earth and are producing geothermal energy: US, Italy, Iceland, Canada, New Zealand. Even the Romans used hot water springs to bathe.

Now we seem to enter a new phase of development where drilling much deeper is the intention. Oil companies are drilling down to about 5000 meters to find oil, and depths of 10.000 – 15.000 meters are envisaged. The technology for drilling is there, the costs and practicalities have to be found out.

The energy will be safe and clean, and there is enough of it. Pilot projects are under way, e.g. one in Oslo where the depth will be about 5500 meters and temperature is just under 100 degrees Centigrade.

A well will cool down after a while, say 20-40 years, but then it will build itself up again.

Researchers are now looking at the possibilities of drilling more than 10.000 meters down, temperatures near 400 degrees Centigrade, and high pressure of several hundred bar, supercritical water. Drilling technology is there but needs further development. The type of rock present matters. Size and economics also matters.

Geothermal energi is possible everywhere. Local power, no transport, no transmission lines. Maybe a geothermal powerplant in the basement or in the garden?

The heat of the Earth is coming to the rescue of the Earth?

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