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The debate about artists´ rights is becoming a debate about music companies and film studios rights, showing the present real concern of the case. Some say the artists get 15 % of income, the studios etc. 85 %.

The debate should be about the future of cyberspace or telecosm and what we as customers and users can have, and what the new offerings will be. The present debate is silly and stunted and needs to be expanded and conclusions have to wait for a while.
The new technology is awesome with several 100 million users already. Many companies are now using bittorrent techniques to distribute popular material consisting of large files in a stable and reliable manner. Example: Stateowned Norwegian Broadcasting Corp. is using the technique extensively. Commercial companies are being established based on these formats.
The internet has become a major part of our lives and will encroach further into our lives. This is not a generation thing as many “old” people also are involved in the debate. We therefore need to clarify what this is about.

Many themes have been introduced:

  • Technical possibilities including fast and reliable exchange of files from many sources, how to deal with large and popular files, making available large amounts of stuff that is hidden, empowering us as communicators,
  • Participant behaviour: increased two-way communication, integrate into social networks, educate and inform people
  • Borderless world – removing borders to improve communication and reduce fear and conflicts, creating open environments, have the right to do all you want
  • Ethics of the net or cyberspace: the principle of sharing vs. the principle of greed, what is fair pricing, how to create value for other people,
  • Politics of telecosm: building trust and not uneccesarily interfere in activity on the net, uphold the independency and sovereignty of the internet, keeping censorship at bay, the role of anonymity and personal presence, neutral net vs. supervised net,
  • Copyright law  now and in the future, respect real ownership, define the new extent of copyright, balance the law fairly between creators, agents and customers both short term and long term, popular stuff and not so popular stuff
  • Business models – what is fair pricing, what are the new value propositions, channel the money to the creators, establish convenience that people will pay for,
  • Media – films, videos, music, books, pictures, blogs, mails, chats, other – old and new, popular and unpopular – all are part of the totality, all will be wholly digitized shortly


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