Urban design with new aspects

Singapore may be seen as gallery of architecture and urban design. In the last 40 years architects in Singapore has expressed the ambitions of a nation and demonstrated works of quality. The exhibition “Singapore 1:1 – City” presents a selection of these works.

Suntec City is Singapore’s largest integrated commercial development and the biggest monument to Feng Shui in Singapore. It is designed as a city within a city. Suntec City is an architectural manifestation of a ‘left-hand’ structure with modern concepts, geomancy elements and the world’s largest fountain, the Fountain of Wealth. It has been said that it is a shopping mall designed as a living room, also integrating people and vehicles, including the tube. (The biggest shopping mall is Vivo City)

In Bangkok The Lai Nert Park Hotel is designed as a city in a city, but gives peace and tranquility via the garden and the canal.

Feng Shui:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feng_Shui

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