American influence on the wane

Competition among nations is hotting up. Many countries are catching up with the USA in many areas of influence – language, sport, politics, economics, science, culture, education, innovative business models.

Militarily the US will be leading for a good time to come – it now has military presence in about 100 places worldwide.

This will surely influence the world order as we know it today. A world language rising will undoubtedly be Chinese. The problems of terrorism is linked to America and may disappear. American policing in the world should be reduced, and there probably will be no new cold war. China, India, maybe Brazil and countries like Vietnam, other Asian countries will rise. There will be a market of more than 2.5 billion customers and American business interests will be challenged. American industrial ouput used to be 50% of world output, it is now 25%.

Western “imperialism” will be subdued, the new big companies will not be American. New methods of government will arise, and we will se the end of western “missionaries” touting our methods everywhere. The western made system of international cooperation will slowly be changed to better represent the new big nations.

USA will stay a superpower. It is a vital, big country with lots of activity. Demographically it is in very good shape, and will grow its population by 65 million up to 2030 due to immigration/birth rates. Japan is worse off with a declining population. The Europeans may come down in the middle with a white population becoming old and tired, and immigration policies in disarray.

For Africa and South America it will be harder to tell.


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