Live, work and play in Singapore

Singapore is trying to move toward the wellmannered built environment.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority: “The authority was established on 1 April 1974, and is of especially critical importance to the city-state, because Singapore is an extremely dense country where land usage is required to be efficient and maximised in order to reduce land wastage in the face of land shortage. The URA is also responsible for assisting to facilitate racial harmony, such as to have their urban planning avoid segregation, as well as seeking ways to improve aesthetics and to reducecongestion. It is also responsible for the conservation of historic and cultural buildings and national heritage sites.”

“Singapore is economically vibrant and one of the most liveable cities in Asia. This is a result of comprehensive and long-term planning.
The key challenge is to continue to sustain economic growth and ensure a high quality of life through careful planning.

The Concept Plan
The Concept Plan is Singapore’s strategic land use and transportation plan to guide development in the next 40 to 50 years. The Concept Plan is reviewed every 10 years. This long-term plan ensures there is sufficient land to meet anticipated population and economic growth, and to provide a good living environment.
The Concept Plan is prepared in collaboration with many government agencies. It takes an integrated approach, taking into account all major land use needs, considering all trade-offs and balancing future needs. This also ensures that future development balances economic growth with environmental stewardship and social progress.

The Master Plan
The Master Plan is the statutory land use plan which guides Singapore’s development in the medium term over the next 10 to 15 years. It is reviewed every five years and translates the broad long-term strategies of the Concept Plan into detailed plans to guide development. The Master Plan shows the permissible land use and density for every parcel of land in Singapore.
Like the Concept Plan, the Master Plan is a collaborative effort between agencies to ensure that plans meet immediate economic and social needs while maintaining a good quality living environment.
The Master Plan is one of the most important tools used to shape Singapore’s physical development. Many proposals put forth in the Master Plan have been realised by the private and public sectors.

CONCEPT PLAN REVIEW: Need to make better use of land – underground spaces and co-location of compatible uses.
Decentralisation through new growth centres – new growth centres outside of the city

Priority on public transport – new rail lines will improve the public transport system so that there is less reliance on private transportation.
Enhancing Quality of Life & Sense of Identity – providing for a greater variety of leisure options

Retain Singapore’s built and natural heritage to foster our sense of belonging.”

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