Creating jobs: be small and entrepreneurial

Back to basics: The normal or most common infrastructure of companies should be many small, diverse companies run actively, innovatively, with new ideas, technology, methods in an entrepreneurial spirit.

Everything rises, fades and goes away – again and again. This cycle must be followed by businesses, and there is nothing wrong with that. People must understand it too – the job or career you have will involve changes, maybe big changes – may be many job changes. You have to be active, dynamic, on the lookout, follow the times. You should also think of the possibillity of starting your own company.

If there were only big companies you become vulnerable. They also rise, fade and go away. When the big company closes the workers are sent off, and a whole area has problems.

Social systems can smooth out the effects for a while, but the essence is that renewal in an entrepreneurial way is the only way out. Public job creation is a costly and financially untenable solution. The government can ease the pain, but not solve the real problem.

So beware of big companies creating many jobs – you may get hurt.

So what is conducive of entrepreneurship? The right mindset, small-scale finance, acceptance of upstarts and new ideas Рa set of factors that must be there and well maintained. And making the right politics: Pave the way for innovation  and change by reducing bureaucracy, build tax breaks, establish good teaching, and leave people alone to run their businesses Рand governments should not compete with their own people.

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