Global politics – promoting equalization

The big players are building relations crisscrossing the world – there is a big powerplay that is kept running. The most active player is the US with its tradition of defending itself on other people’s soil – never on its own – this is an amazing achievement. But China, Brazil, India are increasing their efforts to promote politics, resource use, markets, likability for future use.

Sometimes it is necessary to make war, said Peace Prize winner Obama. This thinking is now making fiscal trouble for the US, and the consequences will gradually be seen.

Balancing the world nations against each other in power play is not a good principle of world development, and very costly too.

We need new ways, and it is hard to say what they should be. Cooperation, consultation, consensus are key words. Balancing the influences of nations is another concept leading to a strengthening of a world coordinator – a healing institution.

An equalization process continues in the world: The economies of countries with many people are progressing steadily and their economies will soon be the biggest too. The consequence is that the West, especially the US, will not dominate any more.

But these countries, especially the US, own development processes that are innovative and efficient and with aggressive business tactics. Brain power counts too.

So what can we expect: A continuation of power play or will we see something better? Globalization by tactics, domination, suppression or globalization in a new new sense of togetherness?

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