Your creativity is hidden – you don’t use it – and you suffer

There is enormous power within you – we are all creative persons. By using your will you can create the life you want, the experiences you want, start the projects you want, become the person you want to be.

You should primarily keep this power to your self to build what you want, secondly you should share it, but you must never give it away for free to people claiming your creativity for themselves. That leads to servility and reduced life quality, and ultimately sadness.

Being creative and utilizing your power may create fear in you, and overcoming this fear is a huge challenge that you must face and overpower. Not doing this will lead to a life of boredom and loss.

So what is life about: Work in the service of others reaping your creativity, or a life filled with what you want, your own creation? The choice is simple: Renew yourself, create a new life for yourself.

Everyone has talent and ability, but use them sparingly and for many reasons: Demands of society, the present-day organization of work, the financial system that is for the few.

This has to do with the individual, but what if you could find ways to use your will and creativity in cooperation with others for a common goal that would give you and allĀ  participants equal value? We have ample time to engage in such networks, to create content for our life, to improve life for ourself and others, even to improve the Earth. Such networks of creative and brainy people could even start solving the big issues we are facing, independently, with no strings.

Big words maybe, naive too, but what if we start with ourself, building confidence and ability and then proceed from there.

Remember also that one day it will all be over – use your time well.

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