The pictures are moving

New cameras are entering the market all the time, and the rate of technological development is awesome.

The electronics in cameras are becoming computers – they assist you in composing pictures, recognise faces and other objects, help you with aperture and speed, measure light, suggest improvements, store and track your pictures. Memory cards are growing in size unbounded, video requirements being what they are.

Touch screens are being introduced, and the number of buttons and handles are reduced, resulting in improved ease of handling.

Video functions have been introduced for many DSLRs, and are improving all the time. Now camcorders and DSLRs are converging too – imagine doing video with the lense and sensor quality of a DSLR. Mounts are being stanadardized so that lenses can be interchanged and move between types of equipment.

So keep up the good work – this is well done.

And mobile phones are improving vastly as cameras and video-recorders, cameras now have bluetooth, wireless communication: convergence is coming.

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