Stillness – get in contact with yourself

Have you thought of having moments or times of stillness in your life, all by yourself?

By stillness is meant a quiet environment, a mind that is undisturbed, enough time to spend, comfortable surroundings and ambience, noiselessness, pleasant air, even nice fragrances. All your attention can be focused on yourself.

People who meditate say that sometimes they are near to stillness.

Stillness was used several thousand years ago by many people – both West and East – as a part of attempting to find a reality beyond what we experience with our senses or to achieve a higher degree of consciousness. This has become mystic in our times, but surely it should not be so.

Stillness now may be useful in order to withdraw from a hectic life for a while, reduce stress or just plain sit thinking, structured or unstructured or even be a dreamer. You may also float into sleep as part of such a relaxing routine.

You should not need a learned technique to find stillness – just find a place and time to empty your mind or slow it down some turns – to make it clear and ready for a good life.

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