Why is there terrorism?

There has always been acts of violence in the world, small scale, isolated incidents aimed at certain problems and disagreements. Now we have world terrorism, organized on a large scale, aimed at the West – this is how it is presented.

The real content of terrorism against western countries – the West – is hard to see. We hear a lot and see preciously little – so far. The rest of the world – the major part – is watching.

The cold war has been replaced by the the war on terrorism. The reasons given for terrorism are sometimes religious, or global, national or local, or based on broad security issues. It is instigated by the US. Everything is collected under the terrorism umbrella – wars in Irak, Afghanistan, 9-11, London bombing etc. There are groups of people keeping this activity going – no states. Somebody is financing the activity, but information is scant. It is not precise at all – it is a chimera – and we hear a lot about it.

If the claims of terrorism are true we should be eager to find the causes, and if possible remedies. We need a solution – we must try to end it. This can be done through dialogue, talks, contact. Nations must be involved, no country protects terrorists. But this is obviously naive.

We are now wasting life, resources and time on futile activity – a huge question is arising: what is going on?

Terrorism is also a construction – it is not to be solved – it is wanted by the instigators – it gives focus – it keeps attention away from other matters – it is good for other things too – it can be kept up forever.

So what is the solution to the terrorist problem? Let the big nations of the Earth join the game properly, infuse security policy with some new ideas – let China, India, Brazil et al. balance the game – the results will be remarkable. We need the new era to start now.

It is sad that lives are lost for obscure reasons.

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