The Information Centre, GB, a body responsible for NHS data has published a status report:  diet, lack of exercise and an increase in alcohol abuse has led to steep rises in lifestyle diseases in the past five years!

Levels of diabetes have more than doubled in that period, the number of people with high blood pressure has risen by more than a third, the number of people with epilepsy increased by 15.6 per cent and those with heart disease by 6.2 per cent.

Better screening and an ageing population drive up the figures, but unhealthy diets and insufficient exercise among large sections of the population are boosting illness rates.

Figures from the Department of Health suggest 21.2 per cent of men and 21.5 per cent of women are now classified as obese. The diabetes epidemic is being driven mainly by the increase in Type 2 diabetes, the form of the disease that is linked to poor diet and lack of exercise.

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