Craig Venter – mapping of human genes


Craig Venter´s genetic code:
After having mapped the complete genes of a few humans it is apparent that gene biology is complex. We will be able to use it for curing disease and improving peoples lives, and now we have to increase our understanding of gene biology. But we have had a quiet revolution!
We must have information about man´s physical and psychological attributes as well as medical information. Interplay among genes must also be mapped. When we have this we can find out what comes from heritage and environment.
Having a high genetic of an illness does not necessarily mean that you will be sick. Other genes can protect us from disease. It is therefore important to consider the whole genome. It is also possible to adapt your lifestyle to your genome!
Medicine in the future will be preventive and aiming to stop the diseases where your genes indicate possible vulnerability.
Legal aspects must also be considered so that gene discrimination or misuse of information is controlled. sensible. Sensible laws will also reduce people´s fear of the genome.
Venter is now working on designing synthetic micro-organisms, and these will eventually change the world´s production methods. Algae using CO2 is also being developed, among other things to produce energy. In medicine the genome will be useful in the fight against infections, biological terrorism.
The main challenge now is building understanding of what the genome is and what we can do with it!



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