The world´s tropical forests

Deforestation is now not happening at an alarming rate. Tropical forested countries are stepping up the fight to combat climate change via a pioneering new initiative called the UN-REDD Programme. 

It also appears that forests rebuild fast if left on its own. These new forests are filled with animals from nearby, depending on what is there. Big animals are often driven away for good, while insects etc. stay.  

The rise in the industrial forms of land use, consumption and prices will determine the degree of land use, again determining the forestation and presence of wild life.

The climate change is in itself a threat as increased temperatures will drive away many kinds of animals, forcing them to relocate in order to survive. What will remain in the hot forests remains to be seen. 

The processes of stabilization of populations and urbanization we see is reducing pressure on deforestation as well as abandoning the use of marginal land. It seems increased emphasis on planning of the use of land could be necessary.

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