Personality: given or formed by you/others?

What kind of person are you? Is it really possible to test if you are normal? Do you consider yourself normal? Why would you really want to be normal? Everything should be OK if you have a good life and don’t hurt anybody.

How is character or personality formed? Are we free?

We all have traits that show up in our personality: The way we think, act, what we feel, how we meet other people and how we control our emotions, the themes we think and speak about and how we let them influence us, the choices we make.

If we are too different from others there may be disturbances involved – we may bother each other.  Some traits are constant, others are of a fleeting nature and pass after a while. Some differences are dangerous so that we can hurt other people and start conflicts.

A complete description will lead us into the complex world of psychoanalysis, psychology.

A lot of descriptions of your personality can be used: Are you kind, organized, creative, tolerant, cruel, charming and many more? What are the choices you make and what is natural to you? Can you change that if you put your mind to it – long term or short term?

Chemicals, including foods, can put your mind into a different state. Values can be changed in many ways: your own thinking, external pressure, experiences. What are your thought processes about these matters – short term or long term – when you go through life? Would it be better to know more about these factors so that you can make better decisions?

Are you considered – by yourself and others – to be normal, partly normal, disturbed or dangerous? Do you know? If you knew would you do anything about it? Do people like you and can you improve that if you want to or are you stuck in what is given to you?

There is  clearly room for better understanding of these matters – so let the thinking continue. Deeper science is needed and we must find what is there: let us uncover the mechanisms.

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