Electronics entering your life – and body

Developments within electronics and communication continues on many fronts – there is reason to be excited.

Electronic circuits are being built for several new purposes: flexible thin film circuits embedded in your body to monitor and control body processes and warn you, cheap plastic RFID for ubiquitous information in shops and homes, printed electronic circuits that can be crammed and folded, electronic ink, flexible and cheap screens to display whatever you need to know, smart textiles that can be changed by you or the temperature, smart packing that keeps goods in optimal condition and let you know all, analyzing equipment that gives you values about all things imaginable, robots of many kinds.

Coupled with wireless communication we are entering a new world where you and all things can interact.

Your home will increasingly be wired and equipped with logic circuits so you can control all functions: kitchen equipment remotely controlled, analysis of your health directly to your doctor or nutritionist, all kinds of sensors can be installed to inform of more than burglary and fire, automated shower, robots that can clean your house and use your washing machines, video communication, GPS tracking of family members – and the cat, smart toilets that can check your health and play the right music for you, a better home office, quicker contact with health personnel if need be.

Your imagination will be fired – you will be able to have more if you like – you will be master of your universe – partly remotely. Strange now maybe, but you will get used to it, like it and maybe depend upon it.

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