Is internet connection a commodity now?

The infrastructure for the internet is slowly spreading and improving in quality and speed. Many countries now have a coverage of up to 70 % of all inhabitants with internet connections, and the internet is becoming a commodity, often free of charge. Many – most? – hotels, restaurants now offer internet connections, hotspots are cropping up everywhere. Planes and trains are planning internet connections, and cities are becoming fully covered by internet antennas. Mobile nets are becoming 4G nets fast.

The value is increasing all the time as new services are offered: what is not on the internet, what is it you can not do?

Mobile equipment is more and more internet enabled, including the dear TV-set, and users are downloading increasing amounts of data from the net. New business opportunities are legion, but the infrastructure builders in many places are worried about further investments as the pay-off is sometimes a bit into the future. Surely they will come around when they see the light?

Speeds of hundreds of Mb are becoming normal fare, and we can expect to see Gb speeds fairly soon. But watch it carefully: nations that do not follow up on this important aspect of future technology may be left behind. The EU has an ambitious directive for communication, and seems to have the muscle to pull it through.

So all is well – good progress is in the works. All-pervasive and fast internet – is there a business opportunity for you in there somewhere or just a more efficient life?

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