Is it in your soul: Do we dare venture into deep ecology?

Has environmentalism and ecology a future at all? Is it all talk or can we stop man from breaking down the system and plundering the Earth? And at the same time kill himself?

Do you really believe environmentalism or ecology is necessary? Can you fathom that all living things are equally a part of the same system? Do you understand that all living beings and natural processes inherently are connected in this large self-balancing system so that harm in one place can easily lead to more harm? Do you see that you are part of this system? Can you imagine living on nature’s terms and finding your place in a naturally balanced and sustainable system – with no domination of all others? Are you willing to take the consequences of this? Are you able to see and accept your role in a sustainable system? Are you willing to be part of this system, to share and balance, to give as much as you take?

The Earth obviously has some limited resources (oil, iron ore…) and some that are continually renewed ( plants, animals, water circulating…) These resources should be equally available for all. Sharing and common pool thinking is needed.

Networking within existing processes, sharing with other naturally occuring participants could give astounding efficiencies.

What are your values? Are you the one or are you one among equals? Are you a good person that harms nobody and nothing? Can you see and accept that all living creatures, organisms have the same right as humans to be here?

Deep ecology has to be personal and value-based – you must want it and be able to feel it in your bones – and many of us must be part of it. This is not foremost politics – it is about values and personal choices. You must find your own way. It can not be superficial changes only – deep changes of personal values are needed.

Man in symbiosis with nature could be a thrilling thought – and sustainable too!

(Reflections after reading Arne Naess on Deep Ecology)


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