Climate change work stalled

There is work in progress on climate change, but the heat is off. Copenhagen produced little – but some – and the next meeting is in Mexico next year. A maturing process seems to be happening as everybody is thinking about the risks, actions and the biggest polluter of all – the US – is thinking or something like that.

It can safely be said that the science is not definitive or well developed, and the willingness among ordinary people to change is not strong.

The deep knowledge of environmentalism is not there yet, and the truth is that we do not seem to know what will happen, when will it happen and what will be the extent of the damage? This is the danger: There is obvious risk , but we do not know the damage that could materialize.

We need to move away from the narrow concept of global warming and focus on some sort of inclusive environmentalism. The concept of climate change is too narrow and the focus should be on ecology – deep ecology – which is the broad issue that really matter.

We must get the order of work right and establish good processes, and we need more scientific work to be done before the pressure is put back on. First science, then people, then politics.

It is sad if the Earth would be better off without man – we can’t have that.

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