The process of relative decline in US power

The press is running stories of how the non-Western countries took charge in Copenhagen when no agreement seemed possible. The BRIC countries are also moving in other arenas such as discussing the the world financial order among themselves, increasing trade and exchanging resources. The dialog is getting broader, and 40 % of the world’s population live in these countries – and they have the best economic growth at the moment. Focus is shifting, and Africa also seems to become gradually more confident and better-off.

China’s presence is increasingly felt in many areas, e.g. at sea where many offshore areas are contested and there is disagreement about sharing and divisions.

Africa’s colonisation ended about 50 years ago, and they are now celebrating African rule in a big meeting of all states in Kamerun. Visible progress towards the rule of law, improving human rights, reducing suppression, income from own resources, fair distribution etc. is seen, but coup-makers and military men are still around in some countries.

This seems to coincide with a relative decline in US power as we see large American trade deficits every year, an unmanageable “defence” budget as Americans are battling everywhere – in sum building up to a new situation. We can now only speculate what the developments will be.


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