What do the media really do for us?

Papers, TV, radio, films… They are all full of accidents, wars, conflict, scandal, improprieties, a few bits of business, sports, a bit of culture – and we are no better off for following their productions and writings. A few exceptions can be found.

It is all short term and ad hoc, sensational, out of context…. No follow through: how did it end? What is the consequence or can we learn from it? Analysis anybody?

There must be some entertainment in there as well – some of it good – but not only entertainment.

A change must come. The media must be able to assist us in our thinking – hard thinking – as that is the most interesting and it does not hurt either.

We┬áneed help to monitor the long range changes and happenings in the world, our habitat, human health, emerging knowledge that may be useful, new thinking, exposures of falseness, security issues over the long term, economics evaluations of substance, scientific deep news not only tit-bits, substantial art writings, originality, creativity and more. Original stuff – deep, knowlegdeable thinking, engaging, non-superficial.

If we could have this, would we pay? Business models must be unravelled as the lumped all-inclusive offerings of the present are no good. The old offerings are dying and understandably so.

We are eagerly waiting for the future.

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