Intangibles of the world: our cultural heritage must live

All over the world there are ways of doing things that should not be lost. The UNESCO is doing a great job in documenting and taking care of these intangibles all over the world. They have the Intangible Cultural Heritage project that is becoming a force to reckon with.

Our heritage is also about our future and the way we are going to live.

Our cultural heritage is found in all areas of life: languages, dances, tapestry, rites, calligraphy, lacemaking, ceremonies, rites, funerals, narratives, etc.

This project is a great way to take care of valuable expressions and customs and make the world a richer place.

Mass media, globalisation and a common culture have slowly been putting pressure on this heritage.

The world is rich, varied and local and should continue to be so.

So what do you do? Follow the customs of your area, start playing an instrument, do some dancing, make some handiwork, start telling stories or something else that you fancy. Both you and the society you are part of will benefit.

Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage

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