Progress in medicine and a better longer life.

Traditional medicine seems to need infusions of ideas. Many diseases are not cured well enough  – cancer is the biggest, but also allergies,  arthritis, rheumatism are not doing so well. Treating brain disorders like epilepsy is another dark area of medicine. Traditional drugs often have severe side-effects. There are lots of non-treatable diseases.

Medicine is complex and has elements from chemistry, physics, biology, bacteriology, virology, genetics, pharmacology, nutrition/metabolism, physical training.

More than 25 years ago Linus Pauling produced some new ideas and were hit hard – no such thing thank you! But his ideas were not only about vitamin C, but favors a broad approach to health and how to live longer and better.

Time has maybe cooled some of the opposition and we may be ready to progress now.

He introduced the term orthomolecular medicine that seeks to achieve optimal biochemical balance in the body by using substances that are naturally occurring in the body – especially vitamins and nutrients. He asked what is the proper or correct dosage of vitamins and nutrients in the body – all the different parts of the body, like eyes, ears, mouth etc.

Traditional medicine may be called toximolecular medicine.

He advocated the use of rich multivitamin supplements as a basic tool. He also challenged the dosage, advocating using much more than before. He wanted us to reduce the use of sugar to near nothing, and that nutrition should be broadly based. Physical activity should also be part of the routine. This will lead to a better and healthier life and very likely much longer too.

Now this thinking seems to converge into a new regime where such ideas are more accepted. But there still is resistance of various kinds – so if you want to live better and longer – start thinking for yourself.

The Establishment is not going to help you – and that is rather surprising: we don’t want illness, do we?

It seems Pauling was a modern man – and courageous!

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