Thinking about your brain lately?

Research into the functioning of the brain is going full steam – new discoveries are made all the time. What areas of the brain does what is better understood all the time. Research into biological computers may also influence how we see the brain. But basically we still know too little to say how the brain in a deep sense functions.

Your brain follows your development as a human being through your life. It changes and adapts as you grow, experience, learn and grow old. Your brain can be changed by accidents, illness, what happens to you in many ways, your learning.

We are probably born with some intelligence in our brain – fear of reptiles, ability to feel pain ….. Some people even say morality is inbred.

You develop a personality which is natural to you, but you can control that to some extent, and it can change through what happens to you.

We have senses – see, touch, hear, taste, smell and intuition (?). What comes through our senses is transformed via interfaces into signals to our body so they can be made useful to the body processes.

We have feelings of joy, pain, fright, wellbeing and probably deeper feelings too.

We can reason, deduct, combine. The brain can propel you into action.

There is memory that goes far back and some memory is recent.

We have consciousness – we can feel that we are, and some say what is right.

There is hidden activity and some say extrasensory activity.

The processes are complex, many have tried to explain the workings of the brain, e.g. Freud.

Food and exercise is deemed to influence the working of the brain.

The biology, mechanics, physics, anatomy of the brain is being researched into – future discoveries will be legion.

Science fiction literature like “Dune” shows us humans with specially developed brains that can act as computers, stimulants that can enhance the brain, coupling of brains via picture communication.

Watch this space – the brain is gradually becoming better understood.

So here is the challenge: Thinking of the brain as a tool – your main tool – how can you ensure that it is in good working order and performs impeccably? How can you improve it – that must be possible to do:  exercise it, feed it, increase storage capacity, learn ever more stuff, improve your abilities, achieve better thought control ……

There is also the question of what is inherent capacity/DNA and what is free will?

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