Intelligent planet?

We are placing intelligence like small computers, logic circuits, sensors, RFID into all things. We could interconnect these systems and make a totality of it.

Monitoring the temperature, air moisture, particles and gases in the air, speed of traffic, number of cars and people in many places, flow of water ….. are done routinely today.

Buildings, means of transport have computers, municipal systems can be monitored and controlled for a number of variables, appliances, your dress can have intelligence….

Hospitals, energy production, factories, chains of supply….

Your personal portal where you can find all about yourself – plan, control, anticipate, interact, automate, check efficiencies, economics ….

We have the monitors and intelligence in place as many things are digitally enabled and connected through the internet. Data are created continously and may be used for simulation, control, analysis, adaptation, starting and stopping, controlling efficiency and economics.

Money movements could be similarly controlled.

The running of everything can be made smooth: we can plan, predict, adjust, react via the systems.

How far should we go? Local systems for all with the possibility to connect into a world grid? Mandatory or voluntary?

We are moving in the direction of integration, efficiency, optimalisation – watch it – value creation for all must be upheld.

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