Could we use a legal BIG DRUG?

Drugs are all over: Mexico is in the news, Afghanistan grows poppies, the US had a war on drugs, governments are buckling, some enjoy the stuff, more areĀ  suffering, big money are made. We are not handling this well. Policies are inconsistent. Some are easing up with some success, others are clamping down with varying success. International coordination is sorely lacking. This complex situation will persist.

The money involved is huge, the number of people using drugs are huge, the activity is criminalized, debate is hugely emotional with overtones of many kinds.

The list of natural and synthetic drug compounds is getting longer as time passes.

Researchers know a lot about drugs and their effects. This knowledge should be used, and more research should be undertaken.

Many writers have talked about drugs in their books – often in connection with mind expansion and changes. They evoke mystery, hidden forces, exalted states of mind as well as deep relaxation.

Drugs seem to have been here always, and possibly will continue to be.

Frank Herbert’s book Dune is set in a society where an all-pervading drug exists and is used widely, openly and with government support. It is expensive so if you have a lot you are rich. It is addictive, if you stop using it you die, and it makes your eyes deep blue.

The book goes into some detail about the drug:

  • Geriatric – you can live very long
  • Heigthens your vitality and awareness
  • Gives prescience and therefore aids safety
  • Taste is good and renews itself
  • Gives you pleasure and makes you glad
  • It is natural (like life)

Other characteristics could also be put on the list:

  • Relaxing
  • Excite you
  • Improve your psychic powers
  • Expand conciousness
  • Mind control

The list could be made much longer.

If we were to find such a natural substance, should we let people use it? Privately? At work? As a food supplement? Is it immoral or unethical?

Our thinking about drugs need development, but the theme can not be debated sensibly today. How do we break the deadlock?

The drug circle must be broken by sensible regimes in all areas – knowledge, research, controlled production, controlled but legal use, more research, transparency, taxable incomes from sales, medical services, getting rid of harmful substances and so on.

If people use it, bring it out in the open, decriminalize it, do what needs to be done to reduce harm – be sensible.

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