Positive peer to peer

The Norwegian state broadcasting company is using bittorrent technology to distribute free TV programs – mostly the big ones so that they can save bandwidth. They explain the technology – how to do it – so that even your grandmother can understand it – as well.

They are not making money from it, but technically it works fine – customers are satisfied it seems.

See link: NRK Beta

The discussion around it is positive – and what else can we use bittorrent for – suggestions are forthcoming from users.

The commercial world should try this approach as well. Long term thinking combined with innovation may lead to value for your customers – and you learn the technicalities and thinking of the new world. Pulling your customers into courts is very alienating.

Other broadcasters are looking into bittorrent too – there is movement.

So all you film, record companies of the world – get the bittorrent feeling – try it. It is coming your way now. Giving away free combined with paid services may make a strong team if you are clever! Start by setting up bittorrent for your advertising and demos – and some old stuff?

Build some value for your customers in the process?

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