The systematics of biology – and you

We all hear about the work going on within the field of genomics and DNA sequencing – great hopes and some fears are coming up. According to some a new future is dawning.

But  remember there are several more -omics in biology. There is a hierarchy of -omics, about 8 at the moment – they are fairly new and maybe more may be coming up.  Proteomics and metabolics are two of these.

Proteomics is about proteins and the processes they are involved in in the body, and gives a better understanding of the functioning of the body. The genome of a man is almost constant, but the proteome is constantly changing depending on what you do, eat, etc.

Metabolics is the study of the metabolites in the body – there are probably about 3000 metabolites or sorts of substances at work in the body to a varying degree.These are being mapped now, upon which further study of their workings will follow.

The mechanics of the body and cells are there too – mechanome and mechanomics.

Both genomics, proteomics and metabolics may lead us to better understanding of human health, new lifestyles and medicines.

What about the physics side – surely there is a physics side to the bodily functions as well – physicanome and physicanomics – the quantum mechanics, currents, electromagnetic radiation of the system of cells, the circuits of the biological computers, the light going into your eyes? Maybe the cosmic powers, the memory and consciousness also belong here?

The broad systematic approach is already giving results – more will come – soon.

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