The personal web – use it now

Now things really are moving: Services, apparatus, software ….. more and better. Connectivity to all devices is approaching – simpler, faster, cheaper: it’s a wonderful world.

The web will be more personal, you can choose, the system will make suggestions, you will be linked to others, you can integrate stuff. Scarcity will disappear so that everything will be available and you can see movies you never thought of and get acquainted with new musical artists, read your own kind of books, get your own news, find exciting services and more. Sites will allow sharing of stuff you have bought – increase availability.

The power of social networks will be used to connect you to your “extended friends” – life will be much more efficient.

The business models will become more mature and sustainable, copyright practices will start to fall into place with a much more flexible copyright structure, payment solutions will be acceptable, services are good.

These are breaking times, and so they said a hundred years ago – and in a hundred years from now this will all be seen as rather unsophisticated.

But keep it going – we live now – use what we have now – don’t wait.

Trendwatching – yes, but keep using what’s there now!

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