Are we forgetting electromagnetic pollution?

The Earth’s magnetic fields are out there – always – and influencing our lives. The fields and radiation humans produce may influence us as well- some are static, others have a pulsed radiation.

Electromagnetic fields EMF and electromagnetic radiation EMR come in all sizes and shapes. Some of these fields and radiations are in the visible spectrum, others are invisible.

The spectrum of radiation is wide:

  • X-rays, radiation from nuclear activity, ultraviolet radiation,
  • visible rays
  • infrared, microwave, radio-waves, radar, mobile telephone, WIFI,
  • extra low frequency radiation ELF

If you look around you there are lots of uses:

  • battery driven equipment
  • homes full of electric equipment
  • electrics for industrial tasks
  • power rails for cranes, trains
  • power lines for distribution, transformers
  • detectors, door openers,
  • radio transmitters of many kinds
  • shortwave equipment, mobile telephones and their antennas,
  • radars, beacons, TV-towers
  • W-LAN-routers in your home and office
  • radio-controlled cars etc.
  • induction heating systems in industry and homes
  • radon
  • X-rays and other medical radiation
  • and more ……..

Do we see biological effects from this massive radiation – is there a risk of discomfort, illness or death? Electric pollution is no doubt present – we are taking part in a giant experiment! Nobody is at the moment checking the combined consequences of electric pollution – the evidence of damage is therefore slight.

Rules for admissible levels of radiation vary – it’s OK if you are not cooked (US)  or it not OK if you feel discomfort (Russia).

The medical side is getting more attention. The Russians are active – they have found stress hormones, depressions, etc. US researchers have seen negative reactions in rats with levels of radiation that is lower than in an ordinary office, subliminal reactions are seen in people. The endocrine, metabolic and cardiovascular systems may be affected, as well as growth systems and immune response. Rumuors of cancer rates going up are found.

Military people are working on radiative weapons using pulsed radiation, big powerful antennas are found in many places. They are also using ELF extra low frequency signals of 30-100 Hz that have been shown to cause chronic stress and reduced disease resistance.

There are lots of available protection equipment for some of this radiation, but technical changes should be considered as to the way power lines, microwave antennas etc. are built.

Energy levels for all frequencies should be set, e.g. 100 microtesla for 50Hz. Magnetic fields in a typical house could be 0.1 microtesla.

Heating of tissue has been seen under the influence of radiofrequencies, and a value of 0.02 degree Celsius is allowed.  Researchers in Sweden claim to have seen cancer as a consequence of radiation. Non thermal effects are not generally considered.

Electropollution may harm the the stability and functioning of the electric currents and magnetic fields in the body.

The precautionary principle is violated now – the trouble is that we can’t see, touch, hear, feel, taste, smell these signals.

We need transparency – measurement – follow up routines in this area!

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