“Environmental” organizations

Greenpeace   http://www.greenpeace.org/international/about

Norges Miljøvernforbund:    http://www.nmf.no/index.asp

Enova was established to work for a change to sustainable energy-use and -production in Norway.         http://www.enova.no

Bellona Norwegian based organization working with environmental facts, information about energy and climate, atomic power and radioactivity, food and food production, waste and transport.  www.bellona.no/ 

Zero     Our vision: A modern world where carbon emissions cause no threat to nature and environment.      http://www.zero.no/

Future in Our Hands:    http://www.framtiden.no/om-oss/in-english/

The Future in our hands (FIOH) is Norway’s largest movement for comprehensive social change.


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