Medicinal microsensors

  • Robotpill: you eat it and it travels through your intestines looking for trouble. Has a camera and can perform biopsies.
  • Miniaturized flowsensor to measure flow of medicines into your body from reservoir implants or from the outside. Can measure 1/1000000 of a litre! Morphine for  cancerpasients, insulin for diabetes etc.
  • Ultrasound pictures from inside your veins to warn of coming heartattacks. Many measurements as well.
  • Polymer chip with small channels for diagnostics of cancer and other illnesses. Makes a pattern of positive indicators. 
“Microsystems and Nanotechnology: Microsystems are miniaturised systems that connect the physical and the digital world. A microsystem typically consists of a sensor that registers details of the environment, a processing unit and an actuator that initiates activity based on the measurements. Nano technology is often utilized inside microsystems for increased functionality and performance.”
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