Waste no more – eat it!

How do you get rid of surplus food? Well, let somebody – perhaps yourself – have it and eat it, of course.

A new trend is gaining force – the food left over from supermarkets etc. are being collected and eaten: The freegans are going into the containers and other dumps to dig out the edible food. How many these people are is difficult to tell, but attention is being drawn to this side of a modern society.

With strict rules for dato marking foods a lot is thrown away. Estimates vary a bit, but some say that about 40% of the food taken into a city is thrown away – not eaten. This surely has all the un-s attached to it: ethical, economic, ecological and is inefficient too.


I am a freegan YouTube

Quote: “A Freegan is a person who, in reaction to the statistic that the west wastes 25% of all it’s resources, get items from the trash that are perfectly good. It is often smelly, but hundreds of items can be found, perfectly fine, that otherwise would be wasted. Is often linked with environmentalism and activism. Often have regular jobs, but just eat out of trash.

Man, I met this guy and he was a Freegan. He was also an executive at this company. Serious, he was so loaded ’cause he doesn’t buy food.”

And you can give it to the homeless.
Now this principle can be extended – all sorts of leftovers can be taken into use somehow: clothes, cars, books….  You can make the list as long as you like! And you can go even deeper – find leftovers and undeutilized reources for your whole life.
Be a Freegan! It is where the future is. Everything will cost you less.

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