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Climate models – progress

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

An article in Science magazine says that water vapour in the atmosphere has significant effect on the temperature on Earth. Recent reduced levels of water vapour has reduced the temperature measured – but we do not understand these mechanisms fully.  We need time series of data on this effect, and we need to correlate this to other factors of the climate models.

The tropics seems to be the source of water for these vapours.

The knowledge of climate models is going forward – good.

Careful now IPCC: Get your facts and science right before you conclude – we don’t want data fitted to a new truth.

What comes after communism/capitalism?

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

We are in trouble – we need new ways.

The financial system is creaking (breaking up?), differences in well-being among nations and people are greater than ever – many people are down-right poor, nation-states are working hard to get their share and fighting the rest, the US have costly processes of empire that is causing havoc in many places, the state is becoming more and more part of people’s lives, the big corporations – mostly American – are getting bigger and bigger and exerting more and more control over resources and output, the many are controlled by elites with the money. There are large refugee-problems, the environment is not taken properly care of. The states and the big corporations have the money and they control it all, resulting in huge inequalities.

There are no longer democratic processes of substance in countries. State capitalism is combined with huge corporations and is controlling money. There are wars going on, military men have influence in many countries. The isms of capital and commun are long gone. The internal processes of many countries are becoming increasingly inefficient.

The processes of the world are not developed and controlled by good thinking, fairness and inclusion. We do not have the power to control our own lives because we have no money. Control from the top is increasing, and to survive and have a livelihood we have to sell our lives to state and corporations.

We need major changes to find a better balance.

The world is now increasingly connected in a global network making it possible for all to take part in the processes of activity, in real time. Place is no longer important – the world is there for you.  You can share and network with people all over the world. The aim is self-expression and real economic democracy. At the same time the divide between work and personal life will disappear – you will just live with a personal agenda and increased responsibility. We all will become self-conscious economic agents, based on self-reliance.

The system therefore must be changed so that we can have and make our own money and achieve economic justice for all. The resources of the world are for all – they must be shared and everybody are entitled to a share. This also means that the new practices must be environmentally sound and fully sustainable. The new money will be established as electronic money through the network.

Workers are not stuck in one place, their power and creativity will flow to where the activity is taking place – the supply will be fully flexible. Machines will communicate via the net and be part of the flexible resource pool.

New creativity must be found to realize this future. We must find a way to establish personalized internationalised money that initially will exist together with today’s money. National money will thus gradually disappear, and money management will be transferred to ordinary people. The value of the money will be determined  by the participants taking part.

State revenue, taxes and duties must also be considered as a fully electronic international system will create a new situation: Internet users paying taxes to whom?

The ethical side must also be brought into the development: What responsibilities do we have for each other, for the environment, for the long term? New thinking about social relations may also be needed, but rational thinking will take us a long way.

We need: Development of a viable procedure, initial small-scale tests, scientific procedure, interconnected networked machines and workers, electronic international money, net-systems to effect the money and resource operations, pooling of resources, personal creativity and reponsibility.

There is a long way to go – but thinkers like Keith Hart, Manuel Castells  are working on it (and John Locke would have approved).

More will follow!

See books: Keith Hart  Money in an unequal world, Manuel Castells The network society, and Jacque Fresco with the Venus Project

The heat is on – parasitic energy

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Get your energy from the small sources – build permanent energy sources into your system.

In the new paradigm of telecosm ubiquitous energy  will be needed – many times in small amounts. This can be arranged by utilizing the energy that is already there: excess heat, heat flows, pressure, vibrations, water flows, wind or air streams, radio waves.

The sources are there – put in a suitable device and you have permanent power. No need to supply batteries!

And there is more to it: Humans move around – extract energy from the motion of humans through public spaces, responsive sub-flooring systems made up of blocks that depress, the bounce in a bridge, self-winding watches we all know, self-energizing implantable medical micro systems (SIMMs), and many more…

Some of these ideas are good – parasitic energy has a future when well used.

Telecosm – talk to a machine lately? A machine talked to you?

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Machine to machine communication is coming, as well as human to machine communication. You can see it clearly now that we are all going to be interconnected quite soon.

Examples are all around us:

  • Your mobile phone will be an extended you…
  • Your car will be full of electronic equipment that tell on you, communicate with other cars, communicate with security and traffic system, pay at tollbooths, optimize your driving, play music from the net, the car will tell you to do ……
  • Ships will be full of machines that can communicate. The purser, the machinist can automate their running of functions by the help of communications machines, the cargo will report if there are changes …
  • Your camera will light up the screens you want to, the camera will record what you are watching, machines will tell you…
  • Kitchens will be full of programmable, talking, thinking machines: “Food is ready”, “The dishwasher is ready”….
  • Power station will….
  • Intelligent houses will be there for you: measuring or adjusting power consumption, water flow, waste collection, cleaning, lighting…..
  • RFID, modems…. will be everywhere

It will be good – you will love it, it will be efficient, it will be cheaper….

Get out of the news stream!

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

News are presented as a continuous stream: Breakthroughs of science, political action, incidents – it goes on and on. The way it is done is peculiar as it is always out of context, no explanation, no follow up, often fictional to hide or slant what is going on, often political test-balloons, lots of detail utterly without interest. News stories are full of strangeness, new “inventions”, frightening tendencies.

We lose track of what is going on – what the real issues are and how they develop.

Why is it so? Is there a conscious willed activity going on? Bedazzle them and they will be mellow?

How can you be well informed – find the truth?

The first thing to do is to sabotage the media completely. Find your own issues through books, writings, the net, talks – make your own reality. A new world will open up – you will know, you will be sure, you will not worry needlessly, you can sleep at night.

All research is paid for by someone with an agenda, choices are made for you, spin doctors work around the clock around the globe, data are altered and arranged, records are bent and fiddled with, mock-ups are made, media houses and their journalists are paid by someone with an interest, incidents are covered up, lobbying is rife, myths are built, dirt-packages abound. Many important issues never show up in the news anyway.

Stop consuming news – your mind can be disturbed, the hidden persuaders are at work.

What you need will be evident in due course. Important agendas emerge if needed, true history can only be written after a time, when personal agendas are gone, data can be found, ideas and mindsets are in proper perspective, controls can be performed. So don’t take in the news – the information you need will emerge.

The ethics of all this is horrible – refuse to be part of it.

Stop yourself and you will be better off for it. Think, find out, be independent, make your own choices. The knot in your stomach will disappear.

This situation is not sustainable – old media will die  and the survivors and new media will be transparent, relevant, true.

Twist the truth?

Subtle energy: powering your body and mind

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

The big question of what powers your body and give you life has been pondered for many years, and is now coming up for a closer discussion. We have seen films like Matrix, Avatar where film-makers have speculated about reality and communication. We see increasing interest in holistic medicine, up to now considered mystic.

Modern science is based on mathematics, physics and chemistry. Quantum mechanics find that energy is present, can change and be stimulated in atoms and molecular structures. Our bodies are made of such structures, so energy must be present there too. This is low level energy – subtle energy.

People have speculated that the energy in matter can be harnessed as an energy source that is unlimited. Harnessing subtle or mental energies for physical power has also been discussed. The form of this energy has been speculated to be in the form of corpuscles that we can see.

Consciousness is another matter – how do we feel and think, how do emotions rise and fall and what gives rise to our mind?

The body has a metabolism – it is a complex chemical process that we do not fully understand. How we feed the body – the intake of nutrition and chemicals is not fully understood, the role of exercise to keep the body running smoothly is better understood.

Eastern medicine and Western medicine are different, but Eastern medicine has a view of the body as a balanced system – keep the system balanced and risk of illness is low. This view is not only chemical, but includes the mental processes as well.

We can speculate that the body can be an energy system that uses vibrational energy, is bioelectronic, shows magnetic fields.

The vibrational and holistic understanding of energy patterns is most likely part of the understanding that is emerging.

A study of the energies within the human body can not be called mysticism: surely we can find ways to measure it and deal with it? Modern classical scientists are sceptical of this, but there are many unsolved puzzles of body and mind – maybe the subtle energy models can lead us nearer to what is true?

Lots of writers and researchers are looking into this matter now: Davidson, Chopra, Becker a.o. More will follow on this subject.
“A human being is part of the whole called by us the universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest, a kind of optical illusion of consciousness… Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty… We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.

-Albert Einstein

Communication in a new world

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Languages are essential if you want to win other peoples’ respect and trust. If you want to sell your goods or buy theirs you need trusted languages, if you want to take part in their culture you must understand the language. This works both ways.

In Norway today the learning of foreign languages is being reduced – English is enough. This is not true – we need more. Not long ago we did 3 foreign languages in Norwegian schools. Mandarin Chinese, Arabic anyone? Hindi, Punjabi? And French too?

The world is opening up – we go everywhere – we need more languages. If we want to deal deeply with others the language must be shared.

So go ahead – pull in the languages – it will be enriching. It is fun and social as well! And business will prosper.

Wrong thinking, Mr. Djupedal!

Alliances in a changing world

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Political changes happen slowly mostly. We now see a re-balancing of the power structures with Brazil, India, China, groups of Asian countries improving their economies and power, the Europeans possibly establishing a common foreign policy, the US still the only superpower but sinking into debt, Russia looking for love and internal order, organizing South American states is in a muddle, Africa is still emerging.

Little Norway has earlier been under the wings of Denmark and Sweden, and is now part of the US foreign activist sphere to an extreme extent. Some say it is a union. This has gone too far, and new thinking is needed.

A good principle is to have deep peace and safety in relation to neighboring or nearest countries: Sweden, Finland, Russia, Denmark, Iceland, Great Britain, the Faraoes. As part of the EU sphere we need acceptance of this priority. Important trade partners need separate evaluations.

Being part of the EU is now an exercise in bureaucracy, NATO has lost its old raison-d’etre, and work at relations to the rest must be considered responsibly and independently.

The UN and its future should be discussed broadly: participation, weighting and voting, militarily, finance, health, climate etc.

All this means shifting the US down a peg, and shifting others up a bit. The US world empire thinking is still strong, but must change in accordance with its economy.

So let the strategy making, thinking and dialogue inside Norway start – a more peaceful world and truer independence than now must be the aim. Future pride is also part of it!

Farmed salmon – the multiple destroyer

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Farmed salmon is a big industry in Norway. Production per year is about 800.000 metric tons, making it the third largest export after oil and metals. Many improvements have been made through the years and costs have been going down substantially, with prices near the USD 4-5 mark pr. kilo.

Norwegian salmon companies have interests in many countries – Scotland, Ireland, Peru, Canada a.o.

There is increasing concern about the sustainability of this production as the negative environmental effects are serious all over the world. Offshore farming methods using net-pens are not sustainable. They are very vulnerable to all sorts of incidents: virus, warm water, rough weather etc.. It is rather incredible that this technology has been allowed at all.

  • animal welfare is extremely low with fish being crammed into net-pens
  • the fish is dying from salmon lice
  • there are substantial amounts of lost foodstuffs, medicines, de-lousing substances, faeces etc. in the surrounding sea destroying the seabed – what you put in the pen is everywhere else too.
  • there is risk of human cancer due to the use of these substances, other health issues have also been raised
  • wild fish is degenerating or disappearing altogether due to large losses of fish from the pens
  • the spawning areas and transport routes for wild fish are restricted by salmon farms
  • other animals depending on fish are suffering
  • the tourist industry is suffering

The feeding industry for the salmon industry is also large: It takes 4-5 kg of fish to make 1 kg salmon. Also note that producing 1 kg of salmon requires less feed than producing 1 kg of chicken (chickens eat plant food)

The fish farming industry is huge – direct and indirect employment runs into the tens of thousands, profits are mostly huge.

The administration of  salmon farming has received massive criticism and the politics, ownership, lobbying are all big with blurred lines of action and responsibility. Has it become an industry too big to fail – or to change – so big it does not listen to anybody? The politicians and the regulators are owners themselves, the employment and profits are important.

In many parts of the world this criticism is raised, and shrimp farming has been under attack for many years.

The criticism have led to the development of new sustainable methods, landbased and completely without the negative effects.

See link: Next-Generation Aquaculture: closed containment, landbased,no risk. And what about plant food for the fish?

The public will not buy shitty fish! Changes must come – or are we killing the goose laying the golden eggs?

See also: Green Warriors of Norway

And now reports of farmed monster cod found by fishermen in the sea – we don’t need more of this! Get your act together!

Nature’s own – back to nature

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Environmental thinking and practice is moving forward.

“AgroNova AS is an environmental technology firm based in Moss, Norway. At our headquarters we manufacture fibres, testing plant for sludge treatment and plant for the processing of biomass and production of topsoil.”

The company has been working hard for many years and now has sustainable products based on recycled sludge, recycled paper and bark. The low temperature composting process they use also removes odour.

They use recycled composted sludge and recycled paper to make natural fertiliser, building insulation and hygienization products for municipal sludge.

The recycling and composting processes are done at low temperatures so that nutrients and microbiological components are not destroyed.

Soil products for agriculture and gardens are also made by combining composted garden waste, fertilizer, composted sludge and paper fibre.

A natural fertilizer has also been produced.

So they are using waste products and good thinking to reduce waste, make sustainable products and close nature’s loop.

Good thinking – we wish them commercial success.

Similar efforts are underway in Turkey and Israel THE LIFE PROJECT